Body Harmony

Body Harmony is a Body of Knowledge, Procedural Knowledge that enables to get the most out of your life.

A Body Harmony session is like planting a seed.

A carefully planted seed will germinate and grow and thrive.

The seed we plant is a seed of expanding personal awareness, a seed of unity and movement between mind and body, a narrowing of distance between desires and manifestations.

Body Harmony plants, cultivates, and nourishes seeds of opportunity.

The results do more than last, like any well planted seed they expand and grow and open our senses to new opportunities.

The Body Harmony session focuses on what you want in life – what you want to achieve. The Body has all information needed to enlarge your awareness, to help you letting go of old patterns and memories, to free you Body and Mind and to help you expand.

Aita is a Body Harmony practitioner.